Transforming your life is just a breath away

Ever felt like you are living a groundhog day ?

over & over

Do you feel that you keep making decisions but getting no where?

Tired of self help books and empty promises....

I know exactly how you are feeling because I was you ...

to be honest ..probably still am a bit (hey I haven't got all the answers!)

But what I have got, is an answer that worked for me should work for you

Welcome to Breathwork Journey

Using your breath can help you release;

Traumas from your past

Anxiety & stress (who doesn't want that!)

Remove limiting beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you want

You can finally quiet your mind,

Find peace & solitude in yourself

Learn how to love yourself and give yourself some self care

And it is so easy to make the changes - no discussing & agonising over the past,

hell you don't even need to acknowledge what is holding you back ..

it is all somatically released through the body (movement of energy)

Breathwork journeys have been described as

"Fantastic, you can give up your issues without saying a word,

saved me a fortune in therapy"

So if you are ready your session now

Breathwork Journey

Grab your headphones & take a trip ..

What is 9D Breathwork

Transformational breathwork is where I can help you to achieve breakthroughs, releasing trapped emotions and traumas and help to rewire your brain.

Using a guided coaching method, consciously connecting, using different
types of breath work and several techniques to speak to the subconscious mind
to rewrite some of your old beliefs.

Breathwork 9D uses 9 dimensions of sounds, a variety of music, frequencies,
some hypnotherapy, whispers and sounds

Personal transformation is a dynamic uniquely individualised process of expanding consciousness to become aware of old and new values and views.

New definitions that you choose for the future, giving you inner peace and connexion,
new found purpose, a desire to learn and to grow spiritually.

Opening the door way for you to make the changes that you want, becoming less reactive to stress,

building an authentic value based life,

giving you more freedom, by having liberation of past traumas and negative beliefs.

It can increase your clarity, your source connection

and give you peace


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